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About these Terms and Conditions

Welcome to WWW.IQOS.COM (hereinafter – the Website) belonging to and used by Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP (hereinafter referred to in these Terms and Conditions of Website Use as we or our Company) or on behalf thereof. We are the Company registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan under BIN 040440000348. Principal place of business: 90, Iliyas Zhansugurov str., Otegen Batyr village, Ili District, Almaty Region, 040700 or B40A6M8 , Republic of Kazakhstan. To register on the Website you will have to read and accept the terms and conditions below that contain important information concerning your use of the Website (hereinafter – Terms of Use). Prior to using the Website please read these Terms of Use, since you must comply herewith. It must be borne in mind that using certain sections of this Website or any information offered by us on the Website for your own benefit may require compliance with other conditions and requirements or copyright notices. Should that be the case, we will notify you of the above and there are instances where to continue using the Website, you will need to read and accept such conditions or notices. Please also note that these Terms of Use may be amended from time to time. All amendments will be published on the Website; therefore we kindly ask to look through the Website for any amendments made. By continuing to use the Website after the above amendments have been introduced, you confirm acceptance of the revised Terms of Use.

Website Use

Our Web site is designed for registered legal-age smokers, tobacco consumers and employees of Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP who have access to the Website. To access and use the Website you must be 21years of age or older. In case of failure to meet this requirement, you may not use or try to enter the Website. To register and create your personal account on the Website, you will be required to provide personal information, for example, your name, date of birth, home address (city, street, house, and postal code), e-mail and phone number to enable us to check your compliance with the requirements for accessing the Website. One user is allowed to create and use one account on the Website only. The above information will be stored in accordance with the Privacy Notice provisions.

Obligations to Protect Your Data

Your password is strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed to any third parties. Password must be kept secret and the user is fully liable for all actions performed via his/her account within his/her reasonable control. You may not transfer your password or other information needed to enter the Website to any third parties. All cases where your account is used by any persons, other than you, will serve as the grounds to suspend or terminate your account. You must immediately notify us in case you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account or any other security accidents with your account or the Website.

Website Access Modification and Suspension

It must be borne in mind that we may modify the Website action mode, suspend or discontinue operation of or access to the Website or any part thereof at our sole discretion. For example, we may suspend your access to the Website in case of your failure to meet these Terms of Use. Furthermore we may update the Website and change its content at any time. Despite all necessary measures to update the information presented on the Website, please note that our Website content can become outdated at any time, and we are under no obligation to update such information. Besides we may stop normal operation of the whole Website or any part thereof to perform routine or off-schedule maintenance in order to fix errors or any make other changes.

Website and Materials Use

Website and its content (including without limitation software, files, artwork, data, images and other materials) (hereinafter – the Materials) are owned by our Company and(or) our customers. You may not use, change, copy, reproduce, republish, download, place, transfer, distribute, sell, license, let on lease, share or make, edit, adapt or otherwise create derivative works based on the Materials or other parts of the Website without our written consent. Furthermore you may not use and access the Website or its Materials for commercial purposes, since the Website and its Materials are provided for your personal use only. Any other uses of the Website or Materials are strongly prohibited including without limitation: - use of the Website or Materials for business purposes; - distribution, sharing, copying, reproduction or publication of the Materials; or - modification, distribution, transfer, execution, broadcasting, reproduction, publication, licensing or reverse engineering of the Website in full or in part without our preliminary written consent.


It should be noted that the Website can contain links to third-party websites. Such links are for your convenience only and do not imply promotion of such third-party websites. Since we have no direct control over such sites and resources, we disclaim responsibility for their health, content, advertising, products or other materials presented on such sites or resources. We do not browse such third-party websites, therefore please note that: - we disclaim responsibility for such websites including conditions of access thereto and their privacy policies and do not control their content or accessibility; - we are not under any direct or indirect obligations with regard to receipt of goods, services or information from such websites; and - you will take all consequences and risks of continuing to such websites. You may not create frames, links and external links to the Website from other websites without our preliminary written consent. Such consent will be given subject to certain conditions. In case of need to create a frame, link or external link to the Website, please contact our Help Desk.

Confidentiality and Cookies

Personal Data Collection and Processing Consent and our Privacy Notice regulate collection, use, transfer and processing of your personal information we collect from you or you provide to us via the Website (including use of cookies). We use cookies on the Website so you can use the Website in the most effective way. Our Cookie Notice contains explanations as to the type, operation and switch-off of cookies used by us. Prior to using the Website please carefully read the Personal Data Collection and Processing Consent, Privacy Notice and Cookie Notice having in mind that we can change their provisions, as well as provisions of these Terms of Use at any time.


Though we use our best efforts to create the Website that is informative, easy-to-comprehend and view, this Website is provided on an “as is” basis unless we expressly state otherwise in these Terms of Use. This means that we do not assume any responsibility with regard to the Website (in accordance with Limitation of Liability section below). It implies that liability for the Website fitness for your purposes rests with you. In this connection we disclaim liability for fitness or suitability of the Website for your tasks and purposes and exclude any direct or indirect obligations with respect of the following without limitation: - guarantee that the Website functions will be available without error or interruption; - guarantee that the Website or server used in connection with access to the Website are free of viruses and other harmful elements; and - guarantee that the content posted on or via the Website or otherwise provided in connection with the Website functions is accurate, acceptable, up-to-date, complete, reliable, high-quality or compliant. We neither give any guarantee that the Website or content thereof is free of errors or omissions nor provide any direct or indirect guarantees, assumptions, promises or obligations with regards to accuracy, completeness and relevance of the Website content.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstance shall we be liable to you for any loss or damage that is claimed to have resulted from computer virus, actions that cause denial of service for lawful users or effects of other harmful programs, which can infect your computer equipment, software, data or other personal materials as a result of using the Website (including reference to or via any content of the Website) or other websites linked from our Website. You also agree that functions of the Website depend on correct and effective work of the Internet, other equipment and services provided by the third parties (including our own hardware or Web Browser) and that we neither assume any obligations nor bear any responsibility for such equipment and services. If you act as consumer and user of our Website, you should bear in mind that we provide access to our Website for personal user consumption only. You may not use our Website for any commercial or business purposes, and we disclaim liability for any special, indirect or punitive damage or loss, loss of data, missed profit, loss of revenue, business or reputation. Should your activity result in malfunctions of the Website or systems used to provide the Website to you or other persons, you agree to answer for loss, liabilities, costs, damages and expenses including reasonable legal fees and litigation expenses incurred as a result of such malfunctions or in connection therewith.


These Terms of Use, as well as your use of the Website shall be governed by the Republic of Kazakhstan laws and regulations.

Other Material Rights of Our Company under These Terms of Use

We reserve the right to transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms of Use to other entities; however such transfer will not influence your rights and our obligations hereunder. Our failure to exercise our right of claim with respect to your obligations under these Terms of Use or our right of claim with respect to you in a judicial proceeding, or delay in exercising of such rights shall not operate as our waiver to demand enforcement of our rights or your release from such obligations hereunder. Should we select not to exercise our right of claim with respect to your failure to perform or breach of obligations under these Terms of Use in a judicial proceeding, we will notify you thereof in writing. Each provision of these Terms of Use shall apply on a stand-alone basis. In other words, should any court or other authority rule any provision of these Terms of Use invalid, illegal or unenforceable, other provisions will remain in full force and effect. These Terms of Use are not intended to confer any rights upon any person other than you and our Company.

Our Contact Persons

Should you have any questions concerning these Terms of Use, our Website or in connection therewith contact us via our Help page or write to us: Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP, 90, Iliyas Zhansugurov str., Otegen Batyr village, Ili District, Almaty Region, 040700 or B40A6M8, Republic of Kazakhstan

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