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Inserting HEETS tobacco sticks in the IQOS 3
Make sure you don't twist the HEETS tobacco stick while inserting it into your IQOS 3 Holder, this twisting motion can damage the heating blade.
Charging your IQOS 3
Remember to keep your IQOS 3 Pocket Charger battery charged daily for continuous tobacco enjoyment (little tip - try to charge it at the same time as you charge your phone). Your IQOS 3 will charge faster if you plug it to a wall power outlet.
Using your IQOS 3
You only need to press the IQOS 3 Holder button once to activate the heating blade. Once the light indicator goes from blinking to steady, it’s ready (pressing the button again may turn it off).
Would you like to know which HEETS flavor might suit you?
Trust your intuition and take a simple test – Flavor advisor will help you find HEETS flavor that may be right for you based on your taste and aroma preferences. Learn More

For more information, have a look at our IQOS 3 User Guide

Download the IQOS 3 user manual here. Download

Experiencing Any Issues with Your IQOS 3?

Find a solution for IQOS 3 Issues. We are here to help solve problems you are having with your IQOS. Find the information to solve your issue here. Discover solutions

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Head over to the Google Play store to download our IQOS Connect app. It is filled with informative tutorials and helpful advice that will ensure you get the most out of your IQOS. Be sure to keep your IQOS Connect app updated as we add new features to it frequently.

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This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive.
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