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Accessories -30% (9)

IQOS Colored Cap 3,500 тг. 5,000 тг.

SILICONE SLEEVE FOR IQOS 2.4 and 2.4P 2,800 тг. 4,000 тг.

IQOS LEATHER ROLL 16,100 тг. 23,000 тг.

IQOS LEATHER FOLIO S 11,550 тг. 16,500 тг.

IQOS LEATHER FOLIO M 13,650 тг. 19,500 тг.

IQOS LEATHER CLIP 5,600 тг. 8,000 тг.

IQOS LEATHER SLEEVE 9,100 тг. 13,000 тг.

IQOS LEATHER POUCH 9,100 тг. 13,000 тг.

IQOS DUO FOLIO 3,150 тг. 4,500 тг.

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