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Only purchase IQOS and HEETS from your local or online IQOS stores or registered business enterpises. Only use IQOS with HEETS. Never use IQOS with a cigarette or similar products or accessories that are not approved for usage with IQOS. Doing so may result in injury. Do not modify HEETS in any way or add any substance to HEETS. Doing so may result in injury. Do not attempt to open, modify or repair any component of IQOS or replace any other components or batteries. Doing so may result in injury.
IQOS device has been designed to work exclusively with HEETS tobacco sticks, and vice versa. Never use IQOS with a cigarette or similar products or accessories that are not approved for usage with IQOS. Doing so may result in injury. It is only by using both together that you can take full advantage of the benefits that the system provides and that have been proven by PMI science. All our studies are based on the use of IQOS with HEETS tobacco sticks.

Important information about IQOS

• IQOS/HEETS are only for adult smokers who want to continue consuming tobacco.
• IQOS/HEETS are not for people who have quit smoking or have never smoked.
• IQOS/HEETS are not an alternative to quitting smoking.
• To experience the benefits of IQOS/HEETS adult smokers should switch to IQOS/HEETS completely and abandon cigarettes permanently.

Tobacco and health effects

• IQOS/HEETS are not risk-free.
• HEETS contain nicotine, which is addictive.
• The best choice for consumers concerned about their health is to quit tobacco use altogether.


• Nicotine is naturally present in the tobacco used in HEETS sticks.
• Nicotine is addictive and may cause side-effects similar to those associated with other nicotine-containing products, like headache, nausea, or throat irritation. If you experience these symptoms stop using HEETS and consult a health care professional.
• Pregnant or breast feeding women, diabetics and people with heart problems or severe high blood pressure should not use any tobacco or nicotine product, including HEETS.

Children and adolescents

• IQOS/HEETS are not for minors.
• Children and adolescents should not use IQOS under any circumstances.
This product is not risk free and is addictive.
This website has information about smoke-free products, which are for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine containing products. PMI's smoke-free products are not an alternative to quitting and are not designed as cessation aids.
Please, confirm that you are over 18 years of age and you are a smoker or user of other nicotine containing products, residing in Kazakhstan.

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