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Terms and Conditions of New Year Prize Draw under Give Discounts Program (hereinafter the “Prize Draw”)

These terms and conditions shall come into force and effect on 5 December 2019.


  1. This Prize Draw shall be held by Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP (hereinafter “PMK”) in Kazakhstan from 5 December through 25 December 2019 and shall apply to the participants Give Discounts program.
  2. In order to participate in the Prize Draw a participant of the Give Discounts program shall satisfy the following conditions:
  • minimum one Friend* of the Give Discounts program participant must use his/her recommendation code from 5 December through 25 December 2019 to purchase IQOS; and
  • the relevant Give Discounts program participant shall accept these Prize Draw terms and conditions by responding to an sms-message that will be sent by PMK after his/her Friend used such a participant’s recommendation code to purchase IQOS.
  1. “Prize” shall mean IQOS 3 DUO. PMK will determine the color of IQOS 3 DUO device.  Under no circumstances the Prize may be replaced with a cash equivalent.
  2. The number of the Prize Draw winners shall be 10. The winners shall be determined using software selected by PMK. Upon PMK’s discretion the Prize Drawing winner determination procedure may be broadcasted online at iqos_kaz page in Instagram.
  3. The list of winners shall be published on 26 December 2019 at iqos_kz page in Instagram. The support service shall contact the winners on the phone specified in the data base of legal age IQOS users to clarify delivery details. If PMK fails to reach a winner or such a winner fails to contact PMK within 1 month following the draw results announcement, then such a winner’s Prize shall be forfeited.
  4. By participating in the Prize Draw the participants thereof shall agree with these terms and conditions and shall provide PMK with their consents to publish their names and surnames at iqos_kaz page in Instagram if they win the Prize and in case of a live broadcasting by PMK of the Prize Draw event on iqos_kz page in Instagram.
  5. PMK shall reserve its right to cancel, terminate or resume the Prize Draw or extend the period thereof as well as to change these terms and conditions any time at PMK’s discretion. The updated terms and conditions shall come into force and effect upon publication thereof at Internet site.

*”Friend” shall mean a legal age smoker.

Please learn more information about Give Discounts program here.

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