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Terms of IQOS Customer Care Services via Telegram Messenger

Effective from 10.09.2018

1. IQOS Customer Care processes inquiries of IQOS tobacco heating system (hereinafter - IQOS) users on weekdays from 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM Astana time. Inquiry response time depends on the issue complexity and workload of the Customer Care operators. IQOS Customer Care will take every effort to provide response to user inquiries within 120 minutes from receipt thereof.

2. IQOS Customer Care will not process inquiries or messages concerning IQOS health effects or other questions connected with adverse effects of IQOS use received via messengers and online chats. Such inquiries should be addressed to IQOS Customer Care by phone 8 800 080 1221.

3. Should any user inquiry sent via messengers or online chat require additional explanations by phone, operator can ask such user to address his/her inquiry to IQOS Customer Care by phone 8 800 080 1221.

4. IQOS Customer Care will not process inquiries that contain illegible text, incomprehensible abbreviations or questions containing coarse language. IQOS Customer Care may ban any user for sending messages that contain coarse language.

5. Addressing IQOS Customer Care via messengers, the user agrees that IQOS Customer Care gets access to any information posted by the user in his/her account and available to all users of messengers including mobile phone, name and profile photo, if any (hereinafter – User Information).

6. IQOS Customer Care will process User Information to render support with the user inquiry only and will not transfer any User Information and correspondence to the third parties which do not pertain directly to processing of user inquiries via messengers.

7. IQOS Customer Care will keep User Information and correspondence for 3 (three) years from the inquiry date.

In case of disagreement with any provisions of these Rules, the user shall not address IQOS Customer Care via Telegram messenger.


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