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(hereinafter – “the Terms” and “the Program” respectively).

Effective since December 26, 2019.


  1. General Provisions

1.1. Trade-In Program for IQOS 3 DUO (hereinafter – the Program) is designed to enable a participant (an individual aged eighteen and above registered in the Adult IQOS User Database of Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP, hereinafter – the Participant) to get a voucher for the discount set forth in Appendix No.2 to these Rules to buy IQOS 3 DUO tobacco heating system or IQOS 3 DUO tobacco heating system holder (hereinafter – the Voucher) in exchange for a used IQOS system as described in these Rules.


1.2. The Program covers official IQOS Stores of Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP (hereinafter – IQOS Stores and PMK) between December 26, 2019 and December 31, 2020 and may be extended thereafter at the discretion of PMK.

1.3. To take part in the Program, the Participant shall visit IQOS Store and state his/her desire to participate in the Program.


1.4. In accordance with the Program, used IQOS tobacco heating systems (IQOS 2.4 and 2.4Р including limited versions, IQOS 3 and 3 Multi) and IQOS 3 holder manufactured for Kazakhstan market (hereinafter- the Used Device) belonging to the Participant are accepted. 


1.5. Should the Participant agree with the Program terms and conditions, PMK shall check if the Used Device qualifies for the Program. The Used Device must be in working order regardless of any scratches, rubbing marks or other visible damage (except for missing or broken blade of IQOS holder). Used Devices that are non-operational can take part in the Program subject to availability of the effective warranty for the respective Used Device. 


1.6. Used Device shall be irrevocably transferred by the Participant to PMK based on the Handover Certificate in the form of Appendix No.1 hereto. 


1.7. New Device acquired under the Program can be returned and exchanged in accordance with the Republic of Kazakhstan laws and regulations. Devices acquired under the Program shall be covered by the warranty in the same way as devices acquired without the Program. In case of return or exchange of the New Device, no compensation shall be paid for the Used Device. 


1.8. Payment for the New Device shall be made by cash or bank card. Gift Certificates shall not be accepted for payment.


  1. Voucher Receipt and Use Procedure

2.1. For transfer of the Used Device to PMK, the Participant shall get the Voucher for purchase of IQOS 3 tobacco heating system (hereinafter – the New Device) with the discount set forth in Appendix No.2 to these Rules. The Participant can use the voucher to buy the New Device on the Website by entering it in the Do-you-have-a-voucher? Box or disclosing the same to a sales assistant in IQOS Store.


2.2. Should any New Device be purchased in IQOS Stores using the Voucher, PMK shall register (bind) such New Device to the Participant or other person the respective Used Device was registered to.


2.3. Should the Participant state his/her desire to buy the New Device immediately upon transfer of the Used Device, the Voucher shall be applied by the sales assistant in IQOS Store instead of being given to the Participant. 


2.4. Should the Participant wish to use the Voucher any other time during the Program validity period, the Voucher shall be automatically sent to the Participant or other person the New Device will be bound to (provided that such other person is also registered in the Adult IQOS User Database of PMK) as specified in paragraph 2.2 above within 2 (two) hours in SMS massage to the mobile phone number specified for registration in the Adult IQOS User Database of PMK. 


2.5. Should the Participant fail to receive the Voucher automatically for any reason whatsoever, he/she shall address the Customer Care by phone 8 8000 80 12 21 (toll free throughout Kazakhstan), via online chat on the Website, Telegram messenger at Telegram @IQOSKZ_Support, or SMS with the word IQOS to 2121.


2.6. The Participant can get his/her Voucher using any communication channels described in paragraph 2.5 above.


3.            Restrictions

3.1. The Voucher may not be transferred to any third persons.


3.2. The Voucher gives the right for the single-use discount specified in Appendix No.2 to these Rules to buy the New Device. The Voucher is not or may not be used as a payment instrument, any type of currency or security. The Voucher may neither be exchanged for cash/non-cash money nor sold or transferred to any third person. The Voucher may not be used as a payment instrument on the Website or in IQOS Stores.


PLEASE NOTE! Vouchers shall not be cumulative with other discounts on the Website and(or) in IQOS Stores or with the discount under the code of recommendation or voucher received as part of the Give Discounts Program.


3.3. Availability of the New Device in all colors cannot be guaranteed at the moment of purchase.


3.4. The Vouchers received for transfer of the Used Device can be used by the Participant during the validity of the Program only. At the close of the Program, unless extended at the discretion of PMK, Vouchers can be cancelled without any further notice.


3.5. The Voucher for purchase of the New Device shall not apply to limited versions of IQOS 3 DUO, unless otherwise stated by PMK.  


4.            Final Provisions

4.1. The Program Rules may be amended by PMK on a unilateral basis through publication of the amended Rules in IQOS Stores. Amended Rules shall inure upon such publication. By continuing use of the Vouchers after such changes and (or) amendments to the Program Rules, the Participant confirms his/her consent to the amended Program Rules.

4.2. PMK shall reserve the right to cancel the Program without any further notice and explanations.


4.3. The Participant agrees to the Program Rules upon transfer of the Used Device to PMK in accordance with section 1 of these Rules.



Appendix No.1

to Rules for Participation



Used Device Handover Certificate






[Domestic trade facility] (point of handover)


This Certificate is executed by and between:


Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP hereinafter referred to as Party-1, on the one hand, and


Full name




hereinafter referred to as Party-2, on the other hand, to record that 


Party-2 has transferred and Party-1 has accepted, under THE TRADE-IN PROGRAM FOR IQOS 3 DUO, the following items:

The Used IQOS Device:


Serial number of the charger


Serial number of the holder



Used Device is irrevocably transferred by Party-2 to Party-1. 


This Certificate is made in 2 (two) counterparts, one for each party.












Appendix No.2

to Rules for Participation




Used Device transferred by the Participant

New Device to be bought with the Discount Voucher

Discount for the New Device upon transfer of the Used Device

Electric tobacco heating system IQOS 2.4, 2.4P including limited versions

Electric tobacco heating system IQOS 3 DUO 

30 %

Electric tobacco heating system IQOS 3

Electric tobacco heating system IQOS 3 DUO 

40 %

Electric tobacco heating system IQOS 3 Multi

Electric tobacco heating system IQOS 3 DUO (except for terracotta)

30 %

Holder IQOS 3 

Holder IQOS 3 DUO 

30 %




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