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EEffective since 12 March 2020

  1. General Provisions

1.1 For registration of adult smokers (hereinafter - the Buyer) in the Adult User Database (hereinafter the “Database”) Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP (hereinafter “PMK”) shall reward the Buyers with the welcome voucher (hereinafter – the voucher) for KZT 2,000 (two thousand Kazakhstan tenge) the next purchase in IQOS official stores (hereinafter  the “stores”) or on the e-commerce website (hereinafter  the “website”).

  1. Conditions to be Met by the Buyer to Get the Welcome Voucher

2.1. The Buyer shall register in the Database with the help of a sales assistant in a store, personal consultant or by him/herself on the website.

2.2. The Buyer shall buy IQOS 2.4P or IQOS 3 DUO from personal consultant or by him/herself on the website for the first time ever.

2.3. All the above conditions of paragraphs 2.1 and 2.2 met, the Buyer shall get a unique single-use voucher for KZT 2,000 (two thousand Kazakhstan tenge) in SMS-message to the mobile telephone number specified for registration in the Database (sample voucher: WE-**********) within 2 business days after the first purchase of IQOS system (in accordance with paragraph 2.2).

2.4. The Buyer shall not get any voucher for registration in the Database, if when buying the first IQOS system (in accordance with paragraph 2.2) the Buyer used other codes, discounts or vouchers granted by PMK.

2.5. Should the Buyer fail to receive the voucher automatically for any reason whatsoever, he/she shall address the Customer Care by phone 8 8000 80 12 21 (toll free throughout Kazakhstan), via online chat on the Website, Telegram messenger, or SMS with the word IQOS to 2121.

2.6. The Buyer can get his/her voucher using the communications channel described in paragraph 2.5 above.

  1. Welcome Voucher Use

3.1.  The voucher may not be transferred to any third parties.

3.2. The Buyer may use his/her voucher to buy the next IQOS system after the first one (bought in accordance with paragraph 2.2) by entering it on the website in Do-you-have-a-code? box or disclosing to a sales assistant in a store. 

3.3. The voucher shall give the right to buy any products available on the website or in the stores with a single-use KZT 2,000 (two thousand Kazakhstan tenge) discount,  at the same time the voucher do not and may not serve as an instrument for payment, any type of currency or security. The voucher may neither be exchanged for cash/non-cash money, nor sold or transferred to any third party. The voucher may not be used as a payment instrument on the website or in the stores.

3.4. If an order made via the website using the voucher is cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the User, such used voucher shall be deemed void since it is valid for one use only. In this case the User can address the Customer Care by phone 8 8000 80 12 21 to be advised how to get a new voucher or wait for a call from the Customer Care and receipt of a new voucher instead of the used one within2 business days from the failed attempt to use the voucher.


PLEASE NOTE! Voucher discount shall neither be cumulative with any other discounts on the website and(or) in IQOS stores nor with any discount of recommendation code or voucher received under the Program of Recommendations "Give Discounts".

This product is not risk free and is addictive.
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