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IQOS test drive enables an adult individual (hereinafter - Consumer) to receive IQOS device for 14 days in order to get insight into its functioning, form a personal opinion of IQOS and its features, and thereafter decide if the consumer properties of the device meet the Consumer’s needs (hereinafter – the Sample) under the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Sample given to Consumer is used. The Sample model shall be selected at the discretion of Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP (hereinafter – the Seller).
  1. The Sample shall be given to Consumer provided that it is technically practicable for a specific domestic trade facility to give the Sample to Consumer, there are IQOS devices available for such giving out in a specific domestic trade facility, and Consumer is registered in the adult IQOS user database. IQOS device shall be given based on the established form of Consent for Personal Data Collection and Processing.
  1. The Sample shall be given to the Buyer on a return basis through signing of the Sample Handover Certificate. The Buyer shall return the Sample within the deadline specified in the Sample Handover Certificate. Upon return of the Sample by the Buyer to the Seller they shall sign the Sample Handover Certificate to confirm the fact of the Sample return.
  1. Upon return of the Sample, the Buyer may choose any version of IQOS tobacco heating system available in a specific Domestic trade facility. In this case, Consumer shall pay the remaining amount for the selected IQOS tobacco heating system on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.
  1. If upon return of the Sample transferred to the Buyer to get insight, the Buyer fails to select any IQOS tobacco heating system available in a specific Domestic trade facility and pay the remaining amount for the selected IQOS tobacco heating system then such Buyer’s actions shall be deemed the repudiation of the Agreement by the Buyer.
  1. In case of loss, damage or destruction of the Sample provided by the Seller to the Buyer for review and, consequently, the Buyer’s failure to return the Sample so given to the Seller and if the Buyer fails to return the Sample upon the expiry of 30 (thirty) calendar days from the return date specified in the Sample Handover Certificate, the Seller shall be entitled to take any actions lawful under Kazakhstan legislation necessary to protect the Seller’s rights, including, without limitation, legal actions.


IQOS test drive terms and conditions shall be governed by the Public Retail Sales Agreement that covers domestic trade facilities of Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP.

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