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ORDER No. 102 dated October 31, 2018

To ensure satisfaction of IQOS tobacco heating system adult users’ demand for tobacco sticks

General Provisions :

  1. To declare Order No.159 dated November 27, 2017 no longer in force.
  2. To declare Order No.170 dated December 29, 2017 no longer in force.
  3. To declare Order No.26 dated April 6, 2018 no longer in force.
  4. To establish, in domestic sales outlets and for personal sales assistants, the following terms and conditions for sale of HEETS tobacco sticks (hereinafter – sticks) to consumers who are 18 years old and above since November 1, 2018:
    1. A consumer shall have IQOS tobacco heating system (hereinafter – the System) registered in the database in his/her name. Should any System holder appear not registered as belonging to any consumer, a consumer who has shown the System including the holder shall register it in his/her name in the store.
    2. A consumer shall present an identity document to confirm his/her age and name. In case a consumer has not been registered in the database of adult IQOS users, he/she shall be offered to be registered and give his/her personal data processing consent to Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP.
    3. Sticks shall be sold to a consumer in the quantity and assortment as needed thereby with the maximum limit of 50 packs to one consumer per calendar month in accordance with the terms and conditions described above in subparagraphs 2a and 2b hereof.
  5. When ordering sticks on the e-commerce website, conditions of subparagraph 2c of this Order shall apply.
  6. Quantity of sticks established in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Order are cumulative for domestic sale outlets, personal sales assistants and e-commerce website.
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