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Find out the difference between IQOS and conventional cigarettes

Now all who are interested in IQOS and its features can observe a science experiment in real time. We installed the Science Machine in the Almaty Flagship IQOS Store (Almaty city, Nazarbayev Av. 111/48A) and in the IQOS Store in Shymkent city, Shymkent Plaza Trade Center.

What is a Science Machine?

Science Machine – is a special installment, which demonstrates the difference between conventional smoking and IQOS using due to imitation of the both processes at the same time.

Why did we install the Science Machine?

We want our clients – those who switched to IQOS already and those who are considering the switch from cigarettes – to observe how distinct tobacco burning (while cigarette smoking) and heating processes (while IQOS using) are, even though they both are tobacco consumption. The experiment allows measuring the processes’ temperatures and seeing what emits in the puffs. At the end of the experiment, you will see how the cigarette smoke and IQOS tobacco aerosol affect the filters.

It is always better to see once yourself, than hear hundred times from others, thus our Science Machine will help you to observe the experiment in real time.     

How can I observe the Science Machine in action?

You can see the Science Machine in action daily in the Flagship IQOS Store (Almaty city, Nazarbayev Av. 111/48A) and in IQOS Store in Shymkent city, Shymkent Plaza Trade Center. Shop assistants conduct the experiment with detailed explanations and Q&A. Soon the second Science

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