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March 2nd – Launch of IQOS 2.4P Blue

IQOS 2.4P is the most popular model offering all advantages of IQOS HeatControlTM technology. Device is simple in usage; kit contains compact pocket charger and holder.

IQOS 2.4P is ideal not only for everyday usage, but also for the first acquaintance with the IQOS system. Ergonomic design, vibration signals informing start of session and 30 seconds prior to the session end, and a wide range of customization accessories – all there are benefits of IQOS 2.4P and many more.

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This new Limited Edition is a step forward to 2020 trend, to style and bright changes. Pantone Color Institute has announced Classic Blue the color of 2020.

Price of IQOS 2.4P BLUE is 17,000 KZT.

IQOS 2.4P BLUE can be bought in IQOS official stores or at

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If you buy IQOS 2.4P BLUE from 2 March through 6 March 2020 you will get 1 accessory!*

Accessories will vary depending on the purchase method:

1. In Official Stores: a leather folio, a leather case, a leather pouch, a leather clip, a cap, a textile case, HEETS and a section for used HEETS.*

2. On and from a personal sales assistance you will get one colored IQOS cap*

IQOS 2.4P BLUE is not only for trendy people, but also for those who admires classics. This is the best device to start your IQOS experience.

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- If you have questions, please contact IQOS Customer Care via phone: 2121, Facebook messanger or Telegram: @IQOSKZ_Support_bot

*for KZT 10. The color and accessory type is determined by PMK.

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