General questions

What is IQOS?
IQOS is a system which heats special tobacco sticks without fire and ash. IQOS tobacco heating system consists of the Holder and the Pocket Charger. The special heating element in the Holder heats tobacco in tobacco sticks to the temperature not exceeding 350 degrees without burning. As a comparison, tobacco burning temperature in usual cigarettes can reach 800 degrees. IQOS system can be used with tobacco sticks only. Learn more →
Where can I buy IQOS?
You can buy IQOS with delivery on our website  kz.iqos.com in Buy section. You can also buy IQOS in IQOS stores.
How much does IQOS cost?
To learn the price of IQOS, you can refer to Buy on our website, retail centers, and IQOS Customer Care at 88000801221.
What are the terms of IQOS delivery to my city?
You can review the terms of delivery to your city in this section.
May I try IQOS prior to buying it?
You can test IQOS on a 14-day Test-Drive before you buy it. Learn more about the program in the Test Drive section. Or you can ask any of our official IQOS stores or a local partner's store in your city and get full advice about IQOS.
What does the phrase “A reduction of 95% in the level of harmful constituents produced by IQOS as compared to cigarettes” mean?
IQOS emits 95% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes. Based on the scientific evidence so far, switching completely to IQOS is likely to present less risk to your health than continuing to smoke*. Important information: IQOS is not risk-free. *Average reductions in levels of a broad range of harmful chemicals (excluding nicotine) compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette (3R4F). It does not necessarily equal a 95% reduction in risk.
How to use IQOS?
To start using IQOS, remove the Holder from the Pocket Charger and insert a heated tobacco stick into the Holder, tobacco side down, up to the silver line. Please do not twist the tobacco stick inside the Holder, this can damage the heating element. Press and hold the IQOS Holder on/off button for several seconds until the IQOS Holder vibrates and the button LED blinks white. When the IQOS Holder button LED glows solid white, tobacco stick is ready for use. Approximately 30 seconds before the experience is over, button LED starts blinking white.  Now that your experience is complete, you will need to pull up the cap of your IQOS Holder and remove the used tobacco stick. Place the Holder in the Pocket Charger, contacts down, to prepare it for the next use. View video →
How can I clean IQOS?
You should clean the holder regularly (watch video - How to clean IQOS ) on a regular basis. NOTE! The heating element in the IQOS holder is fragile. You need to clean IQOS very carefully not to damage the heating element: please do not press on the cleaning brush or cleaning sticks during cleaning process, do not use strength , do not use other objects for cleaning . Never immerse into or allow contact of the Holder case with water and / or other liquids.
What you should know about the filter in HEETS tobacco sticks?
Watch the short video to learn more about HEETS. View video
ProtectPlus™ is the result of carefully listening to our users worldwide. It's features are:

• Improved shock resistance *only IQOS 3
• Opening rigorously tested to maximize durability
• Superior protection of electronics
• Improved battery technology for longer battery life cycle
• Upgraded firmware enabling self diagnosis

All IQOS devices are complemented with PROTECTPLUS™.
This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive.
Only for use by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.


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